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Project Detail

Cost- saving enterprise storage primed for cloud and built with IBM Spectrum Accelerate software

IBM XIV® Storage System is a high-e nd data storage system built to deliver out- of- the- box performance predictability, high resiliency and management simplicity while offering exceptional data economics, including savings through powerful real-t ime compression.

Born for consistent high performance
XIV Storage System delivers hotspot-free, consistent high performance to all applications at all times, tuning-free—even during peak load periods, maintenance and disk recovery—due to several architectural features:

  • Massive parallelism: XIV uses a distributed design of interconnected modules, each with multi-core CPU, cache, flash caching (optional) and high-density disk drives working in parallel to serve data efficiently.
  • Distributed data: The system stores data by dividing it into 1 MB partitions, each mirrored to another module; a pseudo-random distribution algorithm spreads the partitions automatically and uniformly across all the disks.
  • Distributed cache: A flexible and powerful cache implementation allows XIV storage to leverage large slots for reads while managing a smaller slot size, resulting in a superior cache hit ratio and better performance.