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Project Detail

Dense Design
To meet today’s ever-changing business demands, the Lenovo Flex System x440 Compute Node is designed for
mainstream virtualization, database deployments, and business process memory-intensive environments. The Flex System x440 Compute Node is a price-performance optimized 4-socket compute node equipped with powerful Intel® Xeon® processors.

Many Workloads
The Flex System x440 high-density, four-socket compute node is performance-tuned and features compute, memory and I/O capacity to meet your needs. It is designed to deliver a combination of performance, built-in capabilities, and cost-effectiveness, featuring automated power management with onboard sensors  to give you more control over power and thermal levels across the system.

Enables Flexibility
With virtual fabric you can take advantage of up to 64 virtual network adapters while making use of multiple  rotocols, including Ethernet, Fibre Channel over Ethernet and iSCSI. The system also allows you to enable features on demand for a more flexible I/O solution. Virtual fabric can require up to 75 percent fewer network adapters, cables and upstream switch ports to help
control costs.