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Project Detail

Oracle VM Server for x86 is a zero license cost server virtualization and management solution that makes enterprise applications easier to deploy, manage, and support. Backed worldwide by affordable enterprise-quality support for both Oracle and non-Oracle environments, Oracle VM reduces operations and support costs while increasing IT efficiency and agility.

Engineered for Open Cloud Infrastructure
You are facing increased operating costs and inefficient resource utilization, and have an eye toward cloud computing. Your virtualization solution has to increase datacenter flexibility, meet your price/performance needs, and make applications easier to deploy, manage, and support. Oracle VM delivers:

  • High performance and scalability: Low-overhead architecture with the Xen® hypervisor provides scalable performance under increasing workloads. Supports up to 384 physical CPUs and 6TB memory with each guest VM supporting up to 256 virtual CPUs and 2,000,000MB memory to accommodate the most demanding enterprise and cloud applications.
  • Broad guest operating system support: Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, CentOS, Microsoft Windows.
  • Modern Dom0 kernel: Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) Release 4 offers high performance and streamlined partner certifications.
  • Dom0 UEK update on live systems: Oracle Ksplice updates the Dom0 UEK with all of the important security patches with no server reboot required.
  • Secure live VM migration: Completely eliminate service outages associated with planned maintenance or scale up your resources quickly by migrating running Virtual Machines (VMs) to other servers over secure SSL links, without interruption.
  • Storage live VM migration: Perform live migrations of running virtual machines that have virtual disks on local storage.
  • High availability: Reliably and automatically restart failed VMs on other servers in the server pool after unexpected outages.
  • Advanced management for zero extra cost: Includes Oracle VM Manager for centralized, browser-based management of your resource pools, VMs, storage, and networking. A rich, dynamic HTML based Web user interface provides ease of use and includes comprehensive event tracking and virtualized system health status.
  • Oracle VM Manager Web Services API (WS-API): Oracle VM Manager exposes a Web Services API, enabling a higher level of automation, interoperability and integration.
  • Faster software deployment with Oracle VM Templates: Download and import preconfigured virtual machines containing pre-installed Oracle enterprise applications or other software to get up and running in hours not weeks.
  • Virtual Appliance support: Oracle VM Manager supports importing and exporting Open Virtualization Format (OVF) and Open Virtualization Archive (OVA) based software appliances to accelerate application deployment.