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Project Detail

Exabyte-s cale, software- defined flash storage that provides market- leading data economics

The volume, velocity and value of data continue to increase at exponential rates. The cloud, mobile and social systems of engagement, big- data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are poised to accelerate data volumes and velocities ever faster. You want much more for your business than simply to react; you want to lead and thrive in this rapidly changing 21st century business environment IBM calls the Cognitive Era.

But to innovate at the speed of cognitive business, you need data storage that transforms massive data challenges into manageable, cost-e ffective business opportunities. Historically, enterprise- grade storage arrays were expensive, inflexible and difficult to share among multiple systems and applications.

Today, however, these systems are quickly being replaced by software-d efined storage systems that use lower-c ost components in a flexible, highly scalable architecture that enables enterprises to easily expand and re- target storage across diverse systems and workloads.