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Project Detail

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is a shared cache clustered database architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional shared-nothing and shared-disk architectures for unbeatable database performance, scalability and reliability without requiring changes to existing Oracle Database applications. Oracle RAC has been successfully deployed by thousands of Oracle customers, allowing these customers to use clustered database servers for a simplified, efficient and successful delivery of Database Services on the Cloud.

Runs All Database Workloads
Oracle RAC can be used for online transaction processing and data warehousing applications or for mixed workloads. No changes to the applications are required. Oracle RAC can be deployed with complementary database technologies including Oracle Multitenant and Oracle Active Data Guard.

Foundation for Database Services on the Cloud
Oracle RAC provides all the software components required to easily deploy Oracle Databases on a pool of servers and take full advantage of the performance, scalability and availability that clustering provides. Oracle RAC utilizes Oracle Grid Infrastructure as the foundation for Oracle RAC database systems. Oracle Grid Infrastructure includes Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) that enable efficient sharing of server and
storage resources in a highly available and scalable database Cloud environment. Oracle Grid Infrastructure provides all the functionality and mechanisms required for successfully running Oracle RAC based Cloud systems without requiring paying for 3rd party cluster solutions.

Scalability on-demand
Oracle RAC enables the transparent deployment of Oracle Databases across a pool of clustered servers. This enables customers to easily re-deploy their single server Oracle Database silos onto a cluster of database servers, and thereby take full advantage of the combined memory capacity and processing power the clustered database servers provide. Oracle RAC provides customers with complete flexibility for scaling database workloads. Customers can keep IT costs down by building server and storage pools on commodity components that they can easily scale-out by simply adding additional servers in the cluster and as demand requires it. In addition, Oracle RAC allows for easy and uninterrupted scale-up by replacing existing servers with a more capable machine in the course of a hardware refresh.